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GOOD CENTS means great value. Today's home contains twice as many electrical outlet and consumes twice the power of a comparable 1950's model. That's a lot of energy.

The GoodCents program is the oldest and largest energy-efficient home certification program in the country. It was developed in 1976 to encourage builders to construct energy-efficient homes. Since that time, more than 750,000 GoodCents homes have been built across the country. And that number continues to grow by 60,000 a year.

GoodCents Homes make good sense for everyone... the builder, the realtor, the homeowner and the utility provider.

Why buy or build a GoodCents home?
Your home is the biggest investment you'll ever make. So you want to do it right, but who to trust? And where do you find information about the ways to save on heating, cooling, and efficient appliances?

Good Cents will help!
Here's how:
Greater value. GoodCents homebuilders are certified through the local utility; so you know your home is well built and energy efficient. So you can buy or build a home with peace of mind. And when you sell your GoodCents home, it's more marketable. That's value.

Reduced energy bills. Tighter windows and doors, better insulation, more efficient heating and cooling... those all mean lower energy bills.
GoodCents certified products and services mean you'll be saving money month after month.

A high efficiency heat pump is the heart of the GoodCents program. Duncan Power will make a cash payment or credit to the utility account of residential customers who install high-efficiency electric heat pumps.

System Efficiency
Seer Rating
Payment Per Cooling Ton
  Good Cents Non-Good Cents
16.50-16.99 $250.00 per ton $200.00 per ton
17.00-17.99 $275.00 per ton $225.00 per ton
18.00-18.99 $300.00 per ton $250.00 per ton
19.00-19.99 $325.00 per ton $275.00 per ton
20.00 and more $350.00 per ton $300.00 per ton

-- The incentive is available to all Duncan Power residential customers.
-- Efficiency ratings must be verified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) directory. The manufacturer's tested rating will be used for larger systems not found in ARI.
-- A complete residential energy audit must be accomplished before payment can be made or credited.
-- All installations must be inspected and approved by City of Duncan Code Enforcement inspectors prior to payment or credit.

PCA discount Off-Peak of 10%
Certified Good Cents residences qualify for a lower price for electricity during the heating season. This leads to a savings during the winter months and helps manage energy costs year-round.
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